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Just downloaded and have no idea where to begin? This tutorial is here to help!

Gathering resources

First of all you’ll need to find some Asphalt Blocks. Those are generated throughout the world, just start mining out some caves and you’ll find them. When you mine them with your pickaxe (at least stone is required) you’ll get an asphalt block.

Crafting Roads

Now I’m guessing you want to make Road Blocks for your roads. For that grab an oven and put the asphalt block in there and you should start seeing some tar coming out of it. Tar is the most important thing in the mod, which is the reason you’ll see a lot of asphalt blocks underground. Crafting a road block works like this:

Once you have this you can start building your roads. Road lines can be crafted with bonemeal and tar, for crafting recipes look up the block you want to know about in my wiki.

Making slopes

At some point you’ll probably want to be able to elevate your roads. For that the mod implements a really simple system. Just take any road block and place another one on top. You can use any block you want except connecting line blocks like the Road Line Block, the Double Line Block or the Half Double Line Block, though you can still place other blocks on top of them. To get slopes for these blocks you have to use the non-connecting versions (Simple. .. Block).
Once you placed the block on top of another road block you should see the top block converting to a slope, it’s as simple as that.

Using connectable blocks

Road line blocks that connect to other road blocks work by just putting two blocks next to another, nothing more. Double- and Half Double Lines work like stairs, so there’s outer and inner corners (You’ll probably only notice this for the Half Double Line Blocks), thus placing them correctly could be a bit tricky sometimes, but normally it should work just fine.

Crafting road signs

Now that you’ve finished building your roads you’ll maybe want to make some road signs. For that the mod does not use any crafting recipes, instead there’s a block called the Sign Printer. Its crafting recipe looks like this:

Once you’ve done that, open up the sign printer GUI, you’ll notice there’s 4 slots. The 3 colored slots are for the ink cartridges which are crafted as following:

The 4th slot is for the sign templates, because you’ll need something to print the signs on. There’s 3 different types:

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