Custom Road Sign Textures

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Does it feel odd having signs different from your country? This tutorial is here to help you getting in your own sign textures in the mod using a resource pack.

Step 1

First thing you need to do is creating the resource pack folder. To make things easier I have created a template for you to use. You can download that here.

Step 2

Once you have that you can start getting your textures. For that I would suggest heading over to Wikipedia and searching for Street signs in <your country> and from there download the ones you want to have and save them all the way inside the last folder of the pack. (Street signs should always be under public domain, so feel free to just download them)

Step 3

Now unfortunately only copying the files inside the folder will not quite do the trick, you still need to rename the files and make sure that the images are shaped correctly. They need to be squares otherwise Minecraft won’t accept them as textures. If they aren’t correct open them up in a program like GIMP or Paint.NET and change the size to something like 256 x 256px. Once you’ve made sure of that rename all the files. To find out the required name, look inside the “file names.txt” file I placed in the folder.

Step 4

Done that? Good, now what you wanna do is zip your folder and copy it inside the resource pack folder for minecraft (You can access that folder when you’re in-game and go to resource packs and click on “Open Resource Pack folder”)

Step 5

Now all that’s left to do is activate the resource pack and you should be good to go. You can also send me your packs and I’ll feature them on this site. Let me know if I forgot something in the comments and good luck!

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